ARCHDER Architectural Design and Research Bureau is a private multidisciplinary agency. It offers architectural design consultancy and research in the field of science, architecture, built environment, public health and engineering. It first launched in 2020 to help designers and researchers to be more confident as they graduate. The main goal is to offer free content and tips for academician, students, and architects. This website is free to browse and subscribe, and we are ready to assist clients as well.

ARCHDER team consists of a diversity of expertise in different fields. Besides, we are engaged in wide research fields which concern numerous world topics such as environment, science, engineering, and health matters. Also, we are ready to collaborate with others to build a stronger team and discuss the latest world event and build the fundamentals for future developments and research needs. We aim to develop research abilities for graduate-level and seniors who are trying to improve their h-index scholarly. ARCHDER team implements the latest technology and software utilization to come up with more precise yet accurate designs in our projects, supervision, and fieldwork are among the tools we offer in our construction developments.

Our main goal is to gather students and researchers in one platform to share our experience and knowledge. Our experts in the area of architecture, engineering, healthcare, and many other fields are ready to assist you in any research or project. We designed an easy and interactive interface for all users to share our knowledge and practical on-site skills.

Atlas Baghdad book by Dr. Ahmed Sousa

The Author Book Atlas of Baghdad Ahmed Sousa and the author of 25 another books. أحمد سوسة مهندس وآثاري ومؤرخ عراقي من بابل سيرتهولد الدكتور المهندس أحمد نسيم سوسة في مدينة الحلة بالعراق عام 1318 هـ/1900م، من أسرة يهودية ، […]

Pictures of Iraqi cities and allies from the 60s

In this post, I listed some pictures of the Iraqi cities from the 60s century. The pictures are taken from DA International Co. Ltd Doxiadis. Enjoy the wonderful archive of those cities. صور المباني والمساكن والدرابين لمدن العراق في ستينات […]

Le Corbusier: An Analysis of Form

“In this handwritten book, Geoffrey Baker traces the development of Le Corbusier’s organisation of form. The book starts with Le Corbusier’s formative years in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and considers his oeuvre in four stages, analysing key buildings from each phase. … […]

What is Architecture?

Architecture, the art and technique of designing and building, as distinguished from the skills associated with construction. The practice of architecture is employed to fulfill both practical and expressive requirements, and thus it serves both utilitarian and aesthetic ends. Although […]


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