Architecture and Modernism Influence on the Widely Spread of COVID-19

Coronavirus Illustration

Following up on the recent event in the world, this writing is to show the impact on architecture and modernism on the pandemic disease named COVID-19. The section not only discusses some of the previous literature in this field but will also present facts and numbers on how development and design have increased the number of infections around the world. We will also show some articles and interview expertise to confirm this theory. The last section will reveal some suggestions that might help to reduce the virus impact by implementing several techniques that will be discussed later.

This study will compare different cases that are taking into consideration the country’s development and the number of infected cases. To this day, the cases will be China, Malaysia, Iraq, Italy, and The United States. It is taking into considerations that each case has shown different numbers and growth of infected cases and will be discussed further in the blog.

Distribution of cases worldwide
Source: Worldometer

Some highlighted that there are numerous reasons behind the widespread of the virus such as environment, immunity, population, human behavior and genes (1). Although there are several factors that affect the distribution of cases, this discussion will only focus on the countries’ development and architecture.

It looks like there might be a relation between the country development and infrastructure and the quick spread of COVID-19 as the statistics showed that the major infections appeared in considerably high profile and developed such as China, Europe and the USA. The numbers in the upcoming figure clearly highlight the recorded cases until today 23 March 2020.

Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance
Source: Worldometer 2020

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