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First Project / Kits of Parts

Kit-of-parts architecture involves organizing the individual parts and raw material in a building into assemblies of standard easy-to-manufacture components, sized for convenient handling or according to shipping constraints. The construction of the building is carried out on the assembly level as opposed to the raw material level. The architect defines a parts library describing every major assembly in the building. The assemblies are conceived in a systematic way, based on certain rules such as increment, size, or by shape grammar. Standard, simple connections between the assemblies are carefully defined, so the number of possible shapes and appearance the parts can take is limitless.

Students were given this project to design a conceptual cube in 20cm x 20cm dimensions. They were allowed to be more creative with the use of objects and elements, the main object was to let first year architecture students to explore the use of space and mass in their maqquets. Today we explore some of the outputs of this project.

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