Architect Dr. Hayder Haraty is a professional architect who have worked in many projects since 2012.

Dr. Hayder Haraty

A professional Architect with strong attitudes that I have had several responsibilities in the past regarding architecture planning, urban and interior design.

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering from the University of Technology in Baghdad. I proceeded with my degree and enrolled with different kinds of design responsibilities before I moved to Malaysia to pursue my Post-graduate study. I studied Master of Science at Universiti Putra Malaysia and graduated in 2016 with a Masters of Architecture. Continued my study at the same university and graduated in 2019 with a Ph.D. in Architecture.

During my study, I achieved to get a scholarship and Research Grant that helped to build my research background and worked side by side with many amazing designers and researchers in the field of architecture. I strongly believe that thriving for knowledge has no limit, therefore, I will continue to seek my goals patiently and gradually.

My main interests



Architecture design


Past Experiences

(2011 – 2012)

I worked with the government sector and with various projects, which involved designing routes, governmental buildings, hospitals, and bridges. My other duty was a fieldwork measurement and building physical observation for future developments.

Senior architect
(2012 – 2017)
A private sector with professional designers that dealt with numerous projects. We worked on site supervision and architectural drawings.

Research assistant
(2012 – 2019)
esearch assistant at the University Putra Malaysia. Working side by side with several academics on researching the Malaysian context (WARIS). This research group was designed to actively stimulate research and knowledge management in Malaysian Culture and Heritage.