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Maath Alousi-Iraqi Architect

A student once approached me and asked if I thought he would become a good architect,” Alousi started. “I said, ‘How can I know? Only you can determine that. But, I will ask you one thing: do you read?’ And he responded by telling me he did not, and in fact, he had never been […]

Building construction book

كتاب انشاء المباني من الكتب المهمة لطالب كلية الهندسة و المهندس حيث تم اعتماده احد المصادر والمراجع للمواصفات الفنية للاعمال المدنية. الكتاب من تأليف آرتين ليفون و زهير ساكو One if the essential books for architecture students and civil engineering . Many great examples and references. To download the book, click on the link below […]

Atlas Baghdad book by Dr. Ahmed Sousa

The Author Book Atlas of Baghdad Ahmed Sousa and the author of 25 another books. أحمد سوسة مهندس وآثاري ومؤرخ عراقي من بابل سيرتهولد الدكتور المهندس أحمد نسيم سوسة في مدينة الحلة بالعراق عام 1318 هـ/1900م، من أسرة يهودية ، أتم دراسته الاعدادية (الثانوية العامة) في الجامعة الأمريكية ببيروت عام 1924م، ثم حصل على شهادة […]

Pictures of Iraqi cities and allies from the 60s

In this post, I listed some pictures of the Iraqi cities from the 60s century. The pictures are taken from DA International Co. Ltd Doxiadis. Enjoy the wonderful archive of those cities. صور المباني والمساكن والدرابين لمدن العراق في ستينات القرن الماضي تقرير مؤسسة دوكسيادس للإسكان العام في العراق

Le Corbusier: An Analysis of Form

“In this handwritten book, Geoffrey Baker traces the development of Le Corbusier’s organisation of form. The book starts with Le Corbusier’s formative years in La Chaux-de-Fonds, and considers his oeuvre in four stages, analysing key buildings from each phase. … To download this book, click on the link down

Architecture School Portfolio

The work we are presenting in this section has been done by first-year architecture students at the University of Kufa, Department of Architecture. A special thanks to the class chairman Dr. Shubber Falah and the teaching committee for guiding the students throughout the year. Even though it has been a challenging period, and despite the […]

Will Architecture Exist in the Future?

I was once asked, what is your opinion about the future of architecture and architects. I always believed that any field with creativity measured has a bright future especially with all available technologies and the integration of profession. Architecture is changing rapidly and, in this article, I will discuss others’ opinions about the matter. The […]

Reference Architecture for Healthcare – Introduction and Principles — The Open Group Blog

In this article, I’ll share guiding principles for a reference architecture for the Healthcare industry. The main beneficiaries of this reference architecture are patients, health professionals, and Healthcare organizations. Its main users are planners, managers, and Enterprise Architects. A second article will focus on key design ideas for such a reference architecture, followed by a […]

COVID-19 and the built environment

Social distancing has Americans mostly out of the places they usually gather and in their homes as we try to reduce the spread of COVID-19. But some … COVID-19 and the built environment

Planning and Design Impact on Diseases

Architects and designers are the main role in any construction and became more needed as the industry grows. They have always tried to come up with sustainable designs to avoid any unhealthy spaces generated by the integration of natural air and proper ventilation. In this research, people have turned into healthcare systems to seek urgent […]


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