Honourable Members

This page is dedicated for our professional members with a wide range of skills and experience. Don’t hesitate to contact anyone for any query. We look forward to working with you.

Dr. Jawad Shakir

Ophthalmologist / Public Health Department

Graduated from the University of Sulaimani, College of Medicine, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. Over 30 years experience in healthcare department, and worked closely with WHO in the past years.

Email me: jawad_shakir@yahoo.com

Dr. Hayder Al-Hillu / Ph.D.

Consultant Structural Engineer

Graduated from University of Basrah, holds a doctorate in Civil Engineering. Previous experience and field-work in many projects.

Email me: hayderalhillu@gmail.com

Abbas Al-Khazrajy

Architectural Consultant

Founder of Al-Khazrajy Engineering Bureau Consultancy. Graduated from the University of Technology, Baghdad.

Email me: alkhazrajy2004@yahoo.com

Patchaya Songsiengchai / Ph.D.


Senior lecturer at the Faculty of Management Science / Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University, Thailand

Email me: s_patchya@hotmail.com

Habib Ibrahim / M.Sc.

Assistant Professor

Masters in Landscape Architecture from Universiti Putra Malaysia. More than 12 years experience in architecture and Landscape design.

Email me: tomal_arch@yahoo.com

Atika Rusy

Public Relations

Professional Voice Over talent. Public relations for over 8 years, with a background in Strategic Communication and Public Relations from Diponegoro University and Lund University.

Email me: rusy.kuncoro@gmail.com

Ali Al Jlibawi / M.Sc.

Process and manufacturing systems

Ali obtained his bachelor’s degree in 2004 from a university of technology in Baghdad / department of control and system Engineering. A shareholder in AlMajaliss Company for general construction / Consultant engineer in AlMajaliss Asphalt Plant. He was awarded a master’s degree in Manufacturing System Engineering from the University Putra Malaysia in 2015.

Email me: alihhumod@gmail.com

Shubber Falah / Ph.D.

Assistant professor

Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture (PhD), College of Design, School of Architecture, DAAP, University of Cincinnati. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. 2018. Master of Science in Architecture (M.Sc.), Department of Architecture, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq. 2004

Email me: falahsm@mail.uc.edu

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