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To enhance public spaces through physical design attributes. Using numerous methodologies like questionnaires and survey ‘through’ uses architectural design and production.


Through Cultural-Responsive Relief program for Built Environment Rebuilding with Natural Disasters


It is an exchange between two or more individuals and is a building block of society. Lessons to improve our modern and contemporary culture and community.


Morphological and observational studies to investigate our tradition and bring back what left by integration with modernism

We carried


Engaging with participants in the discussion for an academic subject to gain a better insight.


Meeting likeminded people and industry peers to bring together people from all different geographical areas.


We focus on physical observation and the utilisation of the qualitative approach help to reveal the issues on the site. I previously worked individually and as a group to solve some research issues. The quantitative method has also been a significant asset in our projects.

Using the latest software applications has improved our results and outcome of the research. Incorporating tools in our studies help in structuring and managing information to gather an in-depth understanding.

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